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Check my email while away from home

The easiest way to send and receive messages while you are traveling would be to use Bell Aliant's WebMail Service.

To access WebMail, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the WebMail site located at
  2. Input your full e-mail address in the username field (example and your password into the password field and then click on the "Login" button.

Additional information

Bell Aliant enabled SMTP Authentication on new email addresses effective May 9th, 2013 to allow for your mobile devices to send email regardless of where you are located without the need to change your settings each time you travel.

What you need before you start:

  • If your email address was created after  May 9th 2013, you automatically have SMTP authentication and can use the steps below to set up your email program.

Note: If your email address was created before May 9th 2013,  but you wish to have SMTP authentication, contact the Bell Aliant helpdesk (1-888-214-7896) to have your email accounts updated to SMTP Authentication.