You pick up the charges when friends and family call you long distance

  • Friends and family can call you easily from most locations worldwide
  • Calls are billed to your account using your long distance plan rates
  • Calls can only be made to your telephone number  

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Available FREE with home phone service 

Service fees may apply.*

How to call within Canada and the U.S.

  1. Dial 1-800-555-1111.
  2. Listen for "Welcome to Bell Aliant", "Welcome to Bell long distance" or "Welcome to Canada".  This lets you know you are connected to our network.
  3. Enter your calling card number and your PIN.
  4. Enter the phone number you are calling.

If you do not hear one of the welcome messages above, try another phone or you may be billed by another long distance provider.

How to call while overseas

Please note that the Canada Direct service will no longer be available as of August 1, 2016. If you are a Bell Mobility customer, visit to learn more about using your mobile phone outside of Canada.

Use Canada DirectTM along with your calling card to call Canada or other countries while overseas.

  1. Dial the Canada Direct access number for the country you are calling from.
  2. Select Calling Card or Family Contact card for the payment method.

Find access numbers for countries you will be visiting online at Canada Direct. Go to Canada Direct

Make multiple calls

Make up to 5 Calling Card calls in a row without having to re-enter your Calling Card number and PIN:

1. Wait for the other person to hang up on your current call.

2. Press "#" (or the diamond on any payphone with a magnetic swipe slot).

3. Dial the next number. 

Important to know

  • Inactive Family Contact Cards are turned off for security reasons. If your card has not been used within 6 months, please Contact us to verify the status before travelling.
  • As the billed party, you are responsible for all charges incurred through the use of your Family Contact Card number.
  • If your Family Contact Card is lost or stolen please call 1-800-561-8888 as soon as possible to cancel it. 


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