FibreOP Wi-Fi Modem

The best Wi-Fi technology for your home1 - our new modem with AC technology

  • The fastest Wi-Fi speeds2
  • An amazing Wi-Fi coverage

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$ 150.00 
One-time hardware fee to upgrade

$49.95 one-time installation fee applies when a technician-visit is required for the sole purpose of installing the Wi-Fi Modem.

The fastest Wi-Fi speeds2

  • With 802.11ac, our new AC modem has the ability to deliver up to 3X-faster Wi-Fi than the previous technology - 802.11n

An amazing Wi-Fi coverage

  • Our modem has 802.11ac technology and features 4 antennas and 2 networks

FibreOP has the fastest internet speeds

  • The fastest upload and download speeds3
  • Unlimited internet at no extra cost - for every customer
  • Bell brings 100% fibre-optics straight to your home

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