FibreOP Internet 20/15

Great for everyday use:

  • Surf the Net
  • Shop online
  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Enjoy unlimited use – no caps or fees


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Get FibreOP Internet 20/15 only

$ 86.95 / mo.


OR Save when you get FibreOP Internet 20/15  with TV and Home Phone in a bundle    

Up to 20 Mbps download

Download your favorite album in as little as 34 seconds or a full-length HD movie in as little as 20 minutes1

Up to 15 Mbps upload

Upload pictures to FacebookTM in seconds. 

New FibreOP Wi-Fi modem included2

Get the best Wi-Fi technology for your home3 - our new modem with AC technology

  • Get the fastest Wi-Fi4
  • Enjoy amazing coverage

See FibreOP AC modem

Unlimited use

Be online as much as you want without worrying about data limits or fees. 

FibreOP straight to your home

We bring a fibre-optic line right to your home. Thanks to the virtually unlimited capacity of FibreOP, you get the highest internet speeds available - now and in the future.3

Plus you also get 

  • 5 email addresses, each with anti-spam and 2 GB of space
  • Toll-Free 24/7 tech support

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